AWS Simple Notification Service

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a fast, flexible, fully managed push notification service that lets you send individual messages or to fan-out messages to large numbers of recipients. Amazon SNS makes it simple and cost effective to send push notifications to mobile device users, email recipients or even send messages to other distributed services.nWith Amazon SNS, you can send notifications to Apple, Google, Fire OS, and Windows devices, as well as to Android devices in China with Baidu Cloud Push. You can use SNS to send SMS messages to mobile device users worldwide.nBeyond these endpoints, Amazon SNS can also deliver messages tonbsp;Amazon Simple Queue Servicenbsp;(SQS),nbsp;AWS Lambda functions, or to any HTTP endpoint.

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API Paths

Add Permission (GET) /?Action=AddPermission OpenAPI
Check If Phone Number Is Opted Out (GET) /?Action=CheckIfPhoneNumberIsOptedOut OpenAPI
Confirm Subscription (GET) /?Action=ConfirmSubscription OpenAPI
Create Platform Application (GET) /?Action=CreatePlatformApplication OpenAPI
Create Platform Endpoint (GET) /?Action=CreatePlatformEndpoint OpenAPI
Create Topic (GET) /?Action=CreateTopic OpenAPI
Delete Endpoint (GET) /?Action=DeleteEndpoint OpenAPI
Delete Platform Application (GET) /?Action=DeletePlatformApplication OpenAPI
Delete Topic (GET) /?Action=DeleteTopic OpenAPI
Get Endpoint Attributes (GET) /?Action=GetEndpointAttributes OpenAPI
Get Platform Application Attributes (GET) /?Action=GetPlatformApplicationAttributes OpenAPI
Get S M S Attributes (GET) /?Action=GetSMSAttributes OpenAPI
Get Subscription Attributes (GET) /?Action=GetSubscriptionAttributes OpenAPI
Get Topic Attributes (GET) /?Action=GetTopicAttributes OpenAPI
List Endpoints By Platform Application (GET) /?Action=ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication OpenAPI
List Phone Numbers Opted Out (GET) /?Action=ListPhoneNumbersOptedOut OpenAPI
List Platform Applications (GET) /?Action=ListPlatformApplications OpenAPI
List Subscriptions (GET) /?Action=ListSubscriptions OpenAPI
List Subscriptions By Topic (GET) /?Action=ListSubscriptionsByTopic OpenAPI
List Topics (GET) /?Action=ListTopics OpenAPI
Opt In Phone Number (GET) /?Action=OptInPhoneNumber OpenAPI
Publish (GET) /?Action=Publish OpenAPI
Remove Permission (GET) /?Action=RemovePermission OpenAPI
Set Endpoint Attributes (GET) /?Action=SetEndpointAttributes OpenAPI
Set Platform Application Attributes (GET) /?Action=SetPlatformApplicationAttributes OpenAPI
Set SMS Attributes (GET) /?Action=SetSMSAttributes OpenAPI
Set Subscription Attributes (GET) /?Action=SetSubscriptionAttributes OpenAPI
Set Topic Attributes (GET) /?Action=SetTopicAttributes OpenAPI
Subscribe (GET) /?Action=Subscribe OpenAPI
Unsubscribe (GET) /?Action=Unsubscribe OpenAPI